TEQOYA TeqAir 450 PRO Ceiling Mounted Air Purifier Ioniser

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Improve workplace wellness and productivity and say goodbye to seasonal allergy symptoms, germs and bacteria with this amazing air ioniser from French TEQOYA. Designed for high open ceilings, boardrooms and offices, the TeqAir 450 PRO does an incredible job of quietly improving indoor air quality for a fraction of the cost.

  Who it's best for:

  • Staff, visitors and customers in all indoor public spaces

  • People living with allergies. 

  • Those who seek protection from airborne viruses.

  • Those who live near busy roads.

  • Buyers who place a high value on low running costs. 

  • Eco-conscious shoppers.

  • Buyers with little or no floor space available.

  • Shoppers who look for a generous guarantee from the manufacturer. 

  Benefits of Teqoya TeqAir 450 Pro:

  • Suitable for medium rooms up to 50 m2.

  • Neutralises up to 99% of ultrafine particles.

  • Based on patented technology, developed through 15 years of research.

  • 100% ozone-free.

  • Completely silent for a distraction-free environment.

  • Ultra-low energy consumption.

  • No need for consumables and disposables.

  • Ceiling mounted design for keeping the floor obstruction-free.

  • 100% made in France.

  • 10-year guarantee for peace of mind.

  Reviewed by our team:

Air Purifier Expert's Opinion - Aerify

"The TeqAir 450 PRO neutralises up to 99% of harmful indoor air pollutants with no need to purchase expensive replacement filters. 

It is easy to use and a sustainably made product. It costs almost nothing to run and is absolutely silent- perfect for any business environment." - David, customer support.

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More Info

The TeqAir 450 PRO air ioniser brings well-being and productivity to your workspace without distractions

The TeqAir 450 PRO is an eco-friendly air ioniser offering highly effective and continuous indoor air purification based on the natural air de-pollution process - ionisation. 

Developed and manufactured in France, the TeqAir 450 PRO protects you from harmful indoor particles of all sizes, cigarette smoke, odours, allergens and bacteria in the air and helps you reap the enormous health benefits of negative ions.  

The TeqAir 450 PRO is recommended for open high ceiling spaces and meeting rooms up to 50 m2 or 30 m2 (polluted environments).  

Neutralises up to 99% of ultra-fine particles and germs, thanks to the patented technology developed over 15 years 

The TeqAir 450 PRO is a 100% ozone-free air ioniser that is effective against polluting particles of all sizes, including the most dangerous - ultra-fine.  

It generates negative ions silently to match the levels that exist in the purest and natural areas of our planet - at the foot of the waterfalls, in the mountains, by the sea, and in the forest. These generated negative ions act as natural cleansers and are very beneficial to our health.

The TeqAir 450 PRO reproduces this natural physical phenomenon by generating many negative ions, which charge and neutralise the airborne particles, micro-pollutants, microbes and allergens so dangerous for health, thus making them fall to the ground. The air ioniser is effective against airborne particles of all sizes, dust, cigarette smoke, pet dander, pollen, mould spores, viruses and bacteria. 

The effectiveness and safety of the TeqAir 450 PRO air purifier have been tested and verified by the independent laboratories - Intertek and Certam.  

Completely silent technology for increased health and productivity

Install TeqAir 450 PRO in any room without fear of interference. Its operation is completely silent (0 dB) and exceptionally discreet. It purifies the air continuously, emits nothing but negative ions and easily fits in any room.

The TeqAir 450 PRO is mounted on the ceiling to keep the floor free from core activities. 

Ultra-low energy consumption, no need for consumables and disposables

The TeqAir 450 PRO is equipped with a unique and patented technology that produces around 3000 billion negative ions per second, so you can enjoy the clean indoor air day and night. Unlike air purifiers with HEPA filters, the air ioniser from TEQOYA does not require expensive replacement filters, does not produce draughts and has impressively low energy consumption - only 1.5 watts! Your TEQOYA device should always be on 24/7.

100% made in France and offers a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind

The TeqAir 450 PRO air ioniser is 100% designed and manufactured in France. It is built to last and covered by an impressive 10-year guarantee!  

The TeqAir 450 PRO is very easy to use and maintain. Simply plug in the appliance, the LED light will come on, meaning your air ioniser is now fully functional and running.

Contemporary French design 

The TeqAir 450 PRO has a contemporary design that easily fits into any commercial environment without being too bulky or intrusive.

TEQOYA TeqAir 450 PRO Ceiling Mounted Air Purifier Ioniser In Board Room - Aerify

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Model TeqAir 450 PRO
Recommended Room Size Up to 50 m2 (30 min polluted environments)
Negative Ions Production 450,000 per 1 cm3 at 1 m distance. 3,000 billion per sec
Ionic Optics 24
Noise Level 0 dB(A)
Power Consumption 1.5 W
Power Input 100 - 250 V
Ozone Level Ozone-free
Certifications CE EMC, security, ozone-free, PEFC
Manufacturer's Guarantee 10 years
Dimensions (cm)  95.0 x 6.3 x 6.8
Weight  1.4 kg


What You Get

1 x TEQOYA TeqAir 450 PRO air ioniser

1 x Power cable

1 x User guide

1 x Ceiling fixture system


What maintenance is required for the TeqAir 450 PRO?

Dust off your TEQOYA ioniser occasionally. Clean the needles of the device at least once a year.   

What is the manufacturer's guarantee on the TeqAir 450 PRO air purifier?

The guarantee is 10 years and is given by the manufacturer - TEQOYA.



  TEQOYA TeqAir 450 PRO datasheet

  TEQOYA TeqAir 450 PRO test results for neutralisation of fine and ultrafine particles

  TEQOYA TeqAir 450 PRO ozone safety test report


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