Boneco H400 Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier 12L/Day

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Get a free 500 ml bottle of Boneco "Clean & Protect" air treatment solution A180 worth £35 with your purchase of Boneco H400.  Hurry, the offer ends on the 1st of June or while stocks last! 

Meet Boneco H400 - a magic helper designed to help you naturally hydrate skin, avoid unpleasant flare-ups of existing skin problems and decrease the chances of suffering from colds, flu, blocked nose and irritated throat.  Live in an environment where the air feels more moist, breathable and fresh.

Key features and benefits:

  • Suitable for medium and large rooms up to 60 m2.

  • 3 stage air purification takes care of common allergens and bacteria.

  • A long-lasting HEPA filter ensures low running costs.

  • Large capacity 12-litre water tank.

  • Built-in humidity sensor enables real-time monitoring. 

  • "BABY" comfort mode helps young families create the perfect climate for a baby. 

  • Built-in fragrance container for adding your favourite scents.

  • Easy to clean.  Most of the parts can be placed in a dishwasher or washing machine.

  • Optional Boneco Clean & Protect A180 disinfectant solution.

More Info 

Boneco H400 - a high-performance 3-in-1 system that cleans the indoor air and keeps desired humidity 

The highly effective humidification process of Boneco H400 can help prevent dry skin, scratchy throats and red eyes, reduce the risk of allergies and create a pleasant climate for animals, plants, wood furniture and musical instruments, especially during dry winter months.

The specially developed hybrid system designed to improve your well-being day and night

Depending on requirements, the hybrid system can be used either as a humidifier, an air purifier or a combination of both.  Boneco H400 is equipped with a three-stage air cleaning system:

Stage 1:  The washable permanent prefilter captures large dust particles, fur and pet hair to enhance the performance of the particle filter and make it last much longer.

Stage 2:  The highly efficient particle filter made of synthetic microfibers reduces fine particles (PM2.5) up to 97%, removes pollen up to 99%, filters airborne dust, pollen, hair and dust mites, removes bacteria, mould spores and allergens from the air.

Stage 3:  The air washer system supports the cleaning process for even better air purification results; it uses water to wash the air from impurities like dust, pollen and household odours. The textured evaporated mats turn in the water and add moisture to the air. 

Boneco H400 uses the combination of a long-lasting filter (AH300 "POLLEN") and the air washer system to effectively remove:

  • Allergens, pollen and fine particles

  • Dust and pet dander

  • Hair and dust mites

  • Bacteria and mould spores

  • Smoke and unpleasant household odours (with an optional AH300 "COMFORT" filter)

    Boneco H400 comes with a default HEPA filter (AH300 "POLLEN" filter).  This high-performance biofunctional filter is a HEPA filter that reduces coarse particles such as dust, pollen or tyre abrasion as well as the smallest particles such as fine dust by almost 100%.  

    You can upgrade to the AH300 "COMFORT" filter which includes a layer of activated carbon that helps eliminate odours and harmful gases such as ozone, sulphur dioxide or nitrogen oxides.  

    Boneco H400 also has an Ionic Silver Stick® that uses the antimicrobial effect of silver to naturally inhibit the growth of mould spores on the surface of the filter and improve the overall humidification process.  The stick needs replacing every season.

    The whisper-quiet operation supports restful sleep  

    Swiss-made Boneco H400 features a super-efficient electric fan that allows the hybrid air purifier and humidifier to work quietly in the background pulling in the polluted air all around without distracting anyone. 

    You won't need to choose between a good night's sleep and clean air.  The H400's lowest noise level is only 25 dB(A), it won't interrupt your sleep as you almost won't notice any sound when using this setting.

      Ultra-efficient technology and the long-lasting filter ensure low running costs 

      The Boneco H400 has a rated power of only 14.7 watts, which is very impressive for such an air cleaning machine.

      The HEPA filter must be replaced every 8 - 12 months, depending on its exposure to polluted air and gases.  It can be disposed of with household waste.

      Large capacity 12-litre water tank makes the H400 an excellent choice for larger rooms

      Boneco H400 has a large tank that can hold 12 litres of water.  The bigger water tank means you can enjoy the benefits of clean air in larger spaces up to 60 m2.

      Built-in humidity sensor provides a clear real-time indication of the air humidity in the room

      The integrated sensor measures the humidity in real-time and adjusts the evaporator's performance automatically. 

      You don't need to continually adjust the settings on the air humidifier to get the right amount of humidity – the H400 does that for you.  Simply set the desired humidity and the H400 will take care of the rest.

      "BABY" comfort mode helps young families create the perfect climate for a baby 

      The "BABY" mode creates comfortable indoor conditions by increasing the humidity in the room while your child is dreaming.  This mode is ideal for use in a nursery or baby's room since higher humidity is recommended for babies and small children.  The fan also operates quietly enough that it will not trigger a baby monitor.  

      Built-in fragrance container to add an element of spa-style serenity to your living or working space

      Boneco H400 features a fragrance container for adding your favourite scents in the form of essential oils.  Make your home or workspace smell amazing! 

      Simply remove the water tank, push on the fragrance container to unlock it and then remove the compartment, insert your favourite scent into the container, push it back into the air purifier until it clicks into place.  Within minutes your house will smell like an authentic spa!

      Designed for convenient and fully automated operation 

      The Boneco H400 was designed with convenience in mind as you can control it with your smartphone via Bluetooth.  The Boneco app offers intuitive user guidance and navigation and is available on Android and iOS devices for additional functions and modes.  You can choose between different modes in the app (Hybrid, Purifier, Humidifier).

      The automatic operation function adjusts purification and humidification performance to what is currently needed to quickly and efficiently get rid of pollutants in the air and create an optimal indoor environment. 

      Incredibly easy to clean, thanks to components that are suitable for use in dishwashers and washing machines

      It is a joy to look after the Boneco H400 as most of the parts can be placed in a dishwasher or washing machine.

      Boneco Clean & Protect A180 - German-made disinfectant solution takes air cleaning to the next level 

      Clean & Protect A180 air treatment solution from Boneco is a 3-in-1 novelty system based on sea salt.  It sanitises surfaces and indoor air by eliminating 99.999% of bacteria, fungi and viruses.  The solution is made in Germany, has been 2 years in development, and is designed for all Beneco air washers. 

      Simply add the solution either into the water base or into the water tank of all Boneco air washers and enjoy sanitised air with optimal humidity! 

      Elegantly designed in Switzerland, Boneco H400 is sure to add a touch of style to your home or office interior

      In addition to being a high-performance hybrid air purifier and humidifier that can effectively remove harmful airborne pollutants and create an optimal indoor environment for you and your family, the elegant and straightforward design of Boneco H400 fits in every living room, bedroom or office.

      Boneco H400 Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier 12L In Living Room - Aerify

       Expert opinion

      Air purifier expert's opinion - Aerify

      "The Boneco H400 features a compact, elegant and straightforward design and is a fantastic hybrid device that can provide extra-long operating time thanks to the sizeable 12L water tank.

      The Boneco app is excellent for using additional functions and provides a convenient way to operate the device remotely.  

      It is easy to look after the device as most of the parts can just be placed in the dishwasher or washing machine.

      The Boneco H400 is a good allrounder that's well worth the investment." 




        Model  H400
        Recommended Room Size Up to 60 m² (150 m³)
        Particle CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) 100 m³/h (59 CFM)
        HEPA Filter Grade HEPA (H10 - 12)
        Humidity Output Rate 400 g/h
        Noise Level 25 - 55 dB(A)
        Water Tank Capacity  12 litres
        Rated Voltage 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
        Power Consumption 3.7 - 14.7 W
        Particle Filter Lifespan Up to 12 months
        Dimensions (H x W x D) cm 46.5 x 40 x 28
        Weight (Empty) 6.77 kg 
        Manufacturer's Guarantee 24 months


        What's Included 

        1 x Boneco H400 hybrid air purifier and humidifier 

        1 x Particle "POLLEN" filter AH300

        1 x Ionic Silver Stick®

        1 x Power supply unit with a country-specific adapter

        1 x Safety instructions and quick manual



        Can Boneco H400 be used as either humidifier or air purifier?

        Depending on requirements, the hybrid system can be used either as a humidifier, an air purifier or a combination of both.  You can choose between different modes in the Boneco app (Hybrid, Purifier, Humidifier).

        What filters/replacement parts do I need to replace to ensure proper equipment function?

        To keep the Boneco H400 functioning at its best, it has to be cleaned and descaled at regular intervals using cleaner and descaler for all humidifiers.  Also, the particle filter, evaporator mat and Ionic Silver Stick® must be replaced at the right intervals. 

        How often do I need to replace the particle filter?

        The filter must be replaced every 8 - 12 months, depending on its exposure to air and gases.  The Boneco H400 will remind you exactly when the filter needs to be replaced.

        Is the prefilter washable? How often do I need to clean it?

        The prefilter must be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner once per month and rinsed under running water.  Allow the prefilter to dry completely before replacing it. 

        How often do I need to replace the evaporator mat?

        The evaporator mat can be cleaned in the washing machine; it is easy to change and should be replaced every 24 months.   

        What is the guarantee on the Boneco H400 hybrid humidifier and air purifier?

        The guarantee is 24 months and is given by the manufacturer - Boneco.


        Download the quick manual for the Boneco H400 hybrid humidifier and air purifier here.




        Boneco Humidifier Ionic Silver Stick® - Aerify

        Boneco Humidifier Ionic Silver Stick®

        The Ionic Silver Stick® utilises the antimicrobial property of silver to naturally inhibit the growth of mould spores on the surface of multistage filters. It also improves the overall humidification process of Boneco humidifiers. 


        Boneco Clean & Protect Air Treatment Solution A180 500ml - Aerify

        Boneco Clean & Protect Air Treatment Solution A180 500ml

        The Clean & Protect A180 air treatment solution from Boneco is a 3-in-1 novelty system based on sea salt that sanitises surfaces and indoor air by eliminating 99.999% of bacteria, fungi and viruses. The A180 air treatment solution is designed for all Beneco hybrid humidifiers and air purifiers and air washers. 

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