Air Purifiers For Dust And Dust Mites

 Air Purifiers For Dust And Dust Mites - Aerify

What are the best air purifiers for dust and dust mites?

Besides regular dusting and vacuuming of your home, air purifiers are an excellent way to reduce the amount of dust and dust mites in the air. As of now, air purifiers that have a dedicated pre-filter and a high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) filter are the best at trapping dust and dust mites before they have time to settle, making the air in your home more pleasant to breathe. People who want to clean less often find air purifiers to be a brilliant investment.

Air purifiers with dedicated pre-filters and HEPA filters

A dedicated washable or vacuumable pre-filter will capture large particles such as dust, dirt, hair, and lint and will extend the life of the main filter. A high performing HEPA filter that has at least 99.97% efficiency in removing airborne particles greater than 0.3 microns will dust, dust mites and other airborne pollutants (dust mites are about 250 microns in size, though their body parts and waste can be much smaller.)