Free 3-Months Trial of The LightAir Health+ Clean Air As A Service

The award-winning clean air as a service for health and productivity in the workplace

The winner of the IFMA Nordic Innovation Award 2020, the LightAir Health+ is a unique and flexible subscription service offered by Aerify to corporate and educational establishments in the UK in close partnership with the Swedish Cleantech company - LightAir.

The service subscription from Aerify allows you to 100% focus on your business. Investing in such an efficient solution can help increase the energy and production levels of all involved without the hassle of owning the hardware, maintenance and administration costs.

The double protection solution offering industry-leading air purification efficiency and noise levels

The LightAir Health+ provides double protection through active and passive purification. It is a complete solution that protects from airborne viruses, as well as effectively addressing the smallest and most harmful particles. 

Health+ clean air as a service monthly subscription CellFlow Pro 900 and two IonFlow Evolutions - Aerify

First, highly efficient air purifiers that lower the concentration of air pollutants through filtration. As much as 99.99% of traffic pollutants, viruses and ultrafine particles are removed from the indoor air. The air purifiers feature filters with a unique sparse layered design that enables fast cleaning of large amounts of air with low noise and minimal power consumption - perfect for busy commercial and educational settings.  

LightAir Health+ clean air as a service for offices - Aerify

The second component comprises patented virus inhibitors, which actively seek and destroy residual airborne viruses already in the air. The two technologies together, thus provide double protection against airborne viruses.

LightAir Health+ IonFlow clean air as a service - Aerify

Reduce sick days by as much as 20% and increase staff productivity and wellbeing

The air purification and virus inhibiting equipment from the LightAir improves indoor air quality and prevents the spread of airborne particles, including the ones that carry illness. Clean indoor air becomes especially important in business and educational environments where employees, students and pupils spend a lot of time nearby.

Fewer health problems among your team mean reduced sickness and absence and increased staff productivity. Workers, customers, clients and students will feel more energetic and healthy in an environment with cleaner indoor air.

The LightAir Health+ subscription can work as part of a solution to improve the indoor environment and prevent the development and the spread of mould spores through the air.

The combination of the LightAir CellFlow Pro900/600 and the IonFlow virus inhibitors eliminates:

  • traffic pollution
  • dust
  • pollen
  • printer particles
  • pet allergens
  • bacteria
  • mould spores
  • volatile organic compounds
  • 97% of airborne viruses

Health+ clean air as a service monthly subscription CellFlow Pro 900 Signature in office - Aerify

Focus 100% on what is important – nurturing talent and growing your business 


At Aerify, we understand that your day-to-day activities are filled with many challenges in making ends meet.

The LightAir Health+ is a "clean air as a service" subscription designed to help you focus 100% of your energy on running and growing your business while enjoying all the benefits of clean air in the workplace

By subscribing to clean air, you receive all the benefits without having to think about anything else other than doing what you are best at. 

  Increased health and productivity

  Up to 20% reduced sick-leave

  Inactivation of 97% of viruses

  Removal of 99,99% of fine and ultrafine particles

  No ownership or capital expenditure

  100% cost predictability

  No maintenance or consumables

  No administration

  No lock-in period

  No questions asked return policy

  Accompanying certificates

The clean air solution with 100% cost predictability starting from just £500 per month


We have packaged clean air as a service. By subscribing to the LightAir Health+, you receive all the benefits without having to think about anything other than taking deep breaths of clean and healthy air. Because of the operational costs associated with the maintenance of the equipment, we have a minimum order quantity of 5 subscriptions. 

Area (m2) Hardware Installation Cost (£) Monthly Cost (£)
60 1 x CellFlow Pro600 + 1 x IonFlow virus inhibitor 100 100
80 1 x CellFlow Pro600 + 2 x IonFlow virus inhibitors 100 110
125 1 x CellFlow Pro900 + 2 x IonFlow virus inhibitors 100 125


The CellFlow 900/600 air purifiers and the IonFlow virus inhibitors can be mounted on a floor stand or in the ceiling.

Every 90 days, our team of qualified technicians will come to you to carry out a service on the equipment to help your team enjoy the best indoor air quality possible.

Certify your office to show that you make health a priority

Show to your clients, staff, visitors that you’ve taken action to provide clean and healthy air by displaying accompanying the LightAir Health+ certificates.

LightAir Health+ clean air as a service certificate - Aerify

Where are the subscriptions available?

Currently, we offer both subscription offerings in the South-West of England only.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Because of the operational costs associated with the maintenance of the equipment, we have a minimum order quantity of 5 subscription packages. 

What is the cancellation policy?

Naturally, we hope that you, your team and your customers will love having healthy and purified indoor air, but it's OK to change your mind. 

You can benefit from a no questions asked cancellation policy with a 3 month notice period.

Download our printable leaflets

The downloadable information leaflets aim to help answer some questions you may have about clean air as a service from Aerify.

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