What is Health+ and Pure? 

The winner of the IFMA Nordic Innovation Award 2020, the Health+ and the Pure are unique and flexible subscription services offered by Aerify to corporate clients and educational establishments in the UK in close partnership with the Swedish cleantech company - LightAir.

We help you and your team enjoy the benefits of both scientifically proven in-the-air virus inhibition and ultra-efficient air purification in the corporate and education sectors.

Health+ and Pure subscription packages aim to improve health and wellbeing, productivity and sustainability without the hassle of ownership, administration and routine maintenance.  

Health+ clean air as a service monthly subscription CellFlow Pro 900 Signature in office - Aerify

Why sign up for the Health+ or Pure package?

Health+ and Pure from Aerify are monthly subscription services that carry a host of benefits for your business :

  • No ownership or capital expenditure

  • 100% cost predictability

  • No service, maintenance or consumables

  • No administration

  • No questions asked return policy

  • Accompanying certificates

Health+ and Pure subscriptions - the tools

Health+ is an innovative solution for air purification that consists of two complementary technologies. First, highly efficient air purifiers that lower the concentration of air pollutants through filtration. As much as 99.99% of traffic pollutants, viruses and ultrafine particles are removed from the indoor air.  The air purifiers feature filters with a unique sparse layered design that enables fast cleaning of large amounts of air with low noise and minimal power consumption - perfect for busy commercial and educational settings.  

The second component consists of patented virus inhibitors, which actively seek out and destroy residual airborne viruses already in the air.  The two technologies together thus provide double protection against airborne viruses.

Health+ subscription package includes 1 x CellFlow Pro 900 air purifier and 2 x IonFlow Evolution virus inhibitors that together cover the area up to 100 m2

Pure subscription package includes 1 x CellFlow Pro 900 air purifier that covers the area up to 100 m2

Health+ clean air as a service monthly subscription CellFlow Pro 900 and two IonFlow Evolutions - Aerify

What are the benefits of having the system installed?

The air purification and virus inhibiting equipment from LightAir improves indoor air quality and prevents the spread of airborne particles, including ones that carry illness.  Clean indoor air becomes especially important in business and educational environments where employees, students and pupils spend a lot of time nearby.

Fewer health problems among your team mean reduced sickness and absence and increased staff productivity.  Workers, customers, clients and students will generally feel more energetic and healthy in an environment with cleaner indoor air.

Health+ and Pure can work as part of a solution to improve the indoor environment and prevent the development and the spread of mould spores through the air.

The combination of LightAir CellFlow Pro 900 and IonFlow Evolution eliminates and inhibits:

  • traffic pollution
  • dust
  • pollen
  • printer particles
  • pet allergens
  • bacteria
  • mould spores
  • volatile organic compounds
  • 97% of airborne viruses

What are the monthly costs?

All LightAir equipment is installed and tested free of charge. There are no ongoing maintenance and service expenses.

Health+ clean air as service costs £150 per month per subscription package (1 x CellFlow Pro 900 and 2 x IonFlow Evolution). One subscription package covers the area up to 100 m2. The number of packages you need depends on the total area of your premises.

Pure clean air as service costs £100 per month per subscription package (1 x CellFlow Pro 900). One subscription package covers the area up to 100 m2. The number of packages you need depends on the total area of your premises.

Every 90 days our team of qualified technicians will come to you to carry out a service on filters and collectors to help you and your team enjoy the best indoor air quality possible.

Where is Health+ and Pure available?

Currently, we offer the Health+ and Pure subscriptions in the London area only.

Is there a minimum order quantity for Healthor Pure subscription packages?

Due to the operational costs associated with the maintenance of the equipment we have a minimum order quantity of five packages. 

What is the cancellation policy?

Naturally, we hope that you, your team and your customers will love having healthy and purified indoor air, but it's OK to change your mind. 

You can benefit from a no questions asked cancellation policy with a 3 months notice period.

How do I sign up for Healthor Pure?

Give us a call or get in touch via email, live chat or the contact form below to discuss your requirements.

Once you are happy with the terms of the service we will sign a standard service subscription agreement.

We will then deliver, install, test and maintain the equipment free of charge for the duration of the subscription term.

Get in touch today to make the first step towards improved wellbeing, productivity and sustainability in your workplace!