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Boneco P340 Room Air Purifier - 40 m2

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Boneco P340 air purifier helps allergy sufferers immediately experience the benefits of clean indoor air 

If you suffer from respiratory or allergic diseases and are looking for an air purifier that can alleviate your symptoms and provide immediate natural help then look no further! 

Made in Switzerland by Boneco, the P340 features a combined HEPA and granulated activated carbon filter to ensure you and your family are breathing the cleanest indoor air possible.  Also, integrated ionisation technology supports the cleaning process for even better results.  It lets you immediately experience the benefits of purified air to your nose and throat.   

Boneco P340 is suitable for rooms up to 40 m2 and is ideal for smaller rooms such as nursery or baby's room, bedroom or a home office.

The specially developed four-stage air purification technology designed to alleviate many forms of discomfort caused by allergies

The Boneco P340 features a four-stage air purification technology that includes a washable prefilter, combined HEPA and granulated active carbon filter and built-in ioniser.   

Stage 1:  The washable prefilter captures large dust particles and pet hair to enhance the performance of the combined HEPA filter and make it last much longer.

Stage 2: The HEPA filter removes 99.97% of all dust particles in the air up to 0.3µm small in sizes such as fine dust, allergens, fungi and pollen.

Stage 3: The granulated active carbon layer filters organic particles from the air that can arise from cooking, pets and cigarette smoke. This layer protects against unpleasant household odours.

Stage 4:  The built-in ioniser supports the cleaning process for even better air purification results. 

 Boneco P340 effectively removes:

  • Allergens and pollen

  • Dust and pet dander

  • Hair and dust mites

  • Viruses and bacteria

  • Smoke and unpleasant household odours

    The multistage filter must be replaced every 8 - 12 months, depending on its exposure to polluted air and gases.  Thanks to the intelligent filter change timer, the P340 air purifier reminds you exactly when the filter needs to be replaced.

    The whisper-quiet operation ensures undisturbed sleep and a quiet environment 

    Swiss-made Boneco P340 features a super-efficient electric fan that allows the air purifier to work quietly in the background pulling in the polluted air all around without distracting you from your activities.  

    You won't need to choose between a good night's sleep and clean air.  With the noise level of no more than 42 dB on the night/sleep mode setting the P340 will not interrupt your sleep.  This night/sleep mode function is ideal for use in a bedroom, study room, nursery or baby's room.

    Below is the list of noise pollution examples that we may encounter in our daily lives:

    • Normal conversation  - 65 dB
    • Vacuum cleaner - 70 dB
    • Office environment -  50 to 60 dB
    • Bedroom at night - 35 to 40 dB

    Offers high airflow rate to help you enjoy the best possible indoor air quality  

    The more often the air from your room goes through the air purifier each hour, the cleaner the indoor air will become.  Boneco P340 can achieve a high air throughput of up to 230 m³/h on the high-speed setting through several smart design implementations. 

    Thanks to Boneco's high-performance multistage filter with a high CADR rating of 210 m³/h you can sufficiently ventilate the room, deal with most airborne contaminants in the room and enjoy up to 3 complete air changes per hour in a 30 mroom.

    Built-in particle and gas sensors enable real-time indoor air pollution monitoring and provide a clear indication of the air quality in the room

    The current air quality in the room is continuously monitored by the built-in particle and gas sensors and is visualised by the traffic light system on the "air" display.   

    The sensors register the smallest dirt particles and gases. They include house dust, pollen, gases such as tobacco smoke, volatile organic compounds and odours.

    Designed for convenient and fully automated operation 

    The P340 has been designed with convenience and simplicity in mind.  With many useful functions, Boneco P340 lets you enjoy clean indoor air on autopilot. 

    The automatic operation function adjusts purification performance to what is currently needed to quickly and efficiently get rid of pollutants in the air. 

    Thanks to the integrated automatic timer function, you can determine how long the P340 should run before it switches off automatically.

    With the automatic filter reminders, you will never have to worry about forgetting to replace your combined filter on time.  The P340 will remind you exactly when the filter needs to be replaced.

    Elegantly designed in Switzerland, Boneco P340 is sure to add a touch of style to your home or office interior

    In addition to being an excellent air purifier that can effectively remove harmful airborne pollutants and keep your allergies, smoke and viruses at bay, the elegant and straightforward design of Boneco P340 fits in any room. 

    Boneco P340 Room Air Purifier In Childrens Room - Aerify

     Expert opinion

    Air purifier expert's opinion - Aerify

    "The P340 is a real treasure for allergy sufferers!  The four-stage air purification technology does a fantastic job at filtering out harmful airborne particles and keeping allergies at bay. 

    The built-in ioniser is an excellent addition to an already fantastic HEPA and granulated activated carbon air filtration system. 

    Boneco P340 is a well built elegant looking piece of equipment that can add real value to you and make the air inside your home healthier to breathe." 






      Clean Air Delivery Rate

      210 m³/h

      Noise Level 

      42 - 57 dB 

      Airflow Rate 230 m³/h
      Recommended Room Area

      21 - 40 m²

      Rated Voltage

      220 - 240V, 50 Hz

      Power Consumption

      1 - 50 watts

      Multistage Filter Lifespan Up to 12 months
      Speed Levels 3
      Dimensions (H x W x D) cm 52.7 x 33.6 x 20.6
      Weight (kg) 6.3
      Manufacturer's Guarantee 24 months


      What's Included 

      1 x Boneco P340 air purifier

      1 x Multistage A341 filter



      How often do I need to replace the multistage filter?

      The filter must be replaced every 8 - 12 months, depending on its exposure to air and gases.  The P340 air purifier will remind you exactly when the filter needs to be replaced.

      Is the prefilter washable? How often do I need to clean it?

      The prefilter must be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner once per month and rinsed under running water.  Allow the prefilter to dry completely before replacing it. 

      Where is the Boneco P340 shipped from? How long will it take for it to arrive?

      The Boneco P340 air purifier is shipped from our supplier in the UK. It takes on average 1-3 business days after being dispatched for the unit to arrive at your door. 

      What is the guarantee on the Boneco P340 air purifier?

      The guarantee is 24 months and is given by the manufacturer - Boneco.


      Download the instruction manual for Boneco P340 air purifier here.




      Boneco P340 Replacement Filter Pack A341 - Aerify

      Boneco P340 Replacement Filter Pack A341

      The Boneco replacement filter pack A341 consists of HEPA and granulated active carbon filters.  The A341 filter effectively removes allergens, pollen, viruses, dust, pet dander, dust mites, bacteria, smoke and unpleasant household odours.


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