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Intellipure 950P Commercial Air Purifier - 280 m2

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Intellipure 950P - industry-leading medical-grade air purification solution for restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other large indoor spaces. 


The Intellipure 950P is medical grade multistage air filtration device from the New York-based company - Intellipure.  It features a proprietary patented DFS technology that surpasses all other types of air filtration efficiently removing 99.99% of airborne microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds, viruses and ultrafine particles.  The Intellipure 950P leaves nothing but healthy, clean air inside your premises. 

The portable Intellipure 950P was designed to serve large indoor spaces up to 280 m2It is the perfect commercial air cleaner for creating healthier indoor environments in hospitals, government buildings, schools, large open space offices and conference rooms, restaurants, fitness centres, salons, hotels, theatres, cinemas, daycares and elderly care homes.


The patented DFS technology efficiently removes up to 99.99% of all airborne particles as small as 0.007 microns 


The cutting edge Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology has been developed over the past 40 years through the United States Military Grant.  The DFS technology is a patented multistage air filtration system that uses a high-energy grid to efficiently remove up to 99.99% of all particles as small as 0.007 microns and to provide the purest possible indoor air quality.  The state of the art technology guarantees 40 times better than HEPA efficiency and makes the Intellipure 950P one of the most effective commercial portable air purification systems on the market. The superior DFS air filtration technology is relied upon in critical care and emergency departments at world-class hospitals. 

Equipped with the unique optional VOC adsorption post-filter, the Intellipure 950P can remove gases and odours with >99% efficiency on formaldehyde, benzene and toluene.

Intellipure Compact Commercial Medical Grade Air Purifier Better Then HEPA - Aerify

The Intellipure 950P effectively captures and removes:


  • harmful viruses and bacteria

  • mould and fungi

  • dust and dander, pollen, dust mite waste

  • ultrafine particles and chemicals

  • gases and unpleasant odours (>99% of formaldehyde, benzene and toluene) with optional VOC post-filter

  • dangerous micro-plastics and mycotoxins

  • H1N1 Swine Flu, Staph and E Coli bacteria 

  • COVID-19 proxy viruses - MS2 and Phi6  


    Designed for plug-and-play installation and simple filter maintenance 


    The design of Intellipure 950P takes into consideration the ease of installation and routine maintenance.  Simply plug the appliance in and let it create the best possible indoor air quality in your household or business environment. 

    Intellipure 950P Commercial Air Purifier Assembly - Aerify

    Independently tested and certified to guarantee better than HEPA efficiency


    Every Intellipure 950P air purifier is individually tested and certified with grade 1 laser particulate counter before leaving the factory to guarantee better than HEPA efficiency.  The patented DFS technology is trusted by more than 10,000 NHS clinics, hospitals, government buildings, military applications, corporations, schools and households worldwide.

    The efficiency of DFS technology has been tested and verified at Guangzhou Testing Center of Industrial Microbiology with the H1N1 (Swine Flu) virus, at Virginia Polytechnic Institute with S. Epidermis (Staph) bacteria and the University of Wisconsin with E. coli bacteria.

    In addition to the test above, the BEES Laboratory at the University of Syracuse, verified the removal of volatile organic compounds and IUCB University at Buffalo and Blue Heaven Technologies in Louisville verified the system's performance and efficiency rating.


    Provides high airflow rate for the best possible indoor air quality 


    The Intellipure 950P air cleaner system delivers high air throughput of 1614 m³/h (950 CFM) and has more than enough purifying power to cover large open-plan spaces.  The appliance features eleven fan speeds for ease of control. 


    Designed for easy movement and low power consumption


    Thanks to built-in 3.5″ safety lock swivel casters and a full-width handle you can easily move the air cleaner from one place to another.

    The Intellipure 950P features the word class high-efficiency electric motor that uses less electricity than comparable standard motors.  Leaving the air purifier running continuously will cost just over £13 per month.  


    Made in the USA to bring big-time innovation and exquisite quality to more modern businesses in the UK


    The state-of-the-art Intellipure air cleaning devices are developed and manufactured in Pulaski, state of New York.  American companies and manufacturers are held to high federal and state environmental and safety regulations.  This means that the Intellipure air purifiers are of very high quality.

    Expert Opinion 


    Air Purifier Expert's Opinion - Aerify

    "The Intellipure 950P provides an unbeatable air purification solution for a wide range of commercial settings.

    Thanks to the patented DFS air purification technology the 950P efficiently cleans the air from 99.99% of harmful airborne pollutants down to 0.007 microns.  Designed for business environments, the 950P is an exceptional heavy-duty workhorse that delivers up to 950 cubic feet of clean air per minute. 

    The state of the art air cleaner from Intellipure provides a fantastic way of ensuring the safety of employees, customers, patients and guests.




          Model Intellipure 950P
          Room Size Up to 280 m(3,000 sq ft)
          Power 100-240V AC, 50~60Hz
          Power Consumption 100 - 560 watts
          Noise Level  62.5 - 78.7 dBa
          Prefilter Life Span  1-2 times per year
          VOC Postfilter (Optional) Life Span  Once a year
          DFS V-Bank Main Filter Life Span Once a year
          Fan Speed Levels 11
          Dimensions (cm)  112 x 71 x 46 (HDW) 
          Weight (kg) 70
          Manufacturer's Guarantee 5 years on the motor and blower and 1 year on the electronic components


          What's Included 


          1 x Intellipure 950P air purifier

          1 x Cleanable integrated pre-filter (inside the main unit)

          1 x DFS V-bank main filter (inside the main unit)

          1 x Power cord 

          1 x User manual 

          1 x Guarantee card

          1 x Certificate of performance

          1 x A4 information poster




          How often do I need to replace the set of filters? 

          Filters need to be replaced or maintained properly to maximize the unit’s performance.  Replace the prefilter every 6-12 months, the main DFS filter every 12 months, optional VOC post-filter every 12 months.

          Where is the item shipped from? How long will it take for it to arrive?

          The Intellipure products are shipped from our supplier in the UK.  It takes on average 1-3 business days after being dispatched for the item to arrive at your door.

          What is the guarantee on the Intellipre 950P air purifier?

          The manufacturer's guarantee is 5 years on the motor and blower and 1 year on the electronics.  



          Download the user manual for the Intellipure 950P commercial air purifier here.



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