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IDEAL AP140 PRO Commercial Air Purifier

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IDEAL AP140 PRO commercial air purifier - high-performance professional air purification for your business guaranteed

The item is produced to order.  It takes around two weeks for the unit to be manufactured and dispatched.  

AP140 PRO is a high-performance commercial air purifier from the German manufacturer IDEAL.  The air purifier features an innovative 360° multilayer long-life True HEPA filter that ensures efficient and permanent removal of pollutants from indoor air.  

IDEAL AP140 PRO was designed for use in large rooms up to 233 m2.  The list below gives you an indication of the room sizes that the AP140 PRO can purify:

  • Domestic & office:  2.5 air changes per hour in rooms up to 233 m2
  • Hospital ward:  6 air changes per hour in rooms up to 97 m2
  • Operating theatre:  12 air changes per hour in rooms up to 48 m2

Helps create a highly effective business environment that is free from airborne pollutants

AP140 PRO air purifier helps create a highly productive work environment where people naturally feel better, are more productive and focused on their work and ill less often too.  

Due to its efficient and high-quality multilayer filter, the AP140 PRO is certified as hypoallergenic by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation "ECARF" and recommended for people suffering from allergies.

Features multistage true-HEPA air filtration technology that keeps allergens, viruses and indoor pollution at bay

The high performance 360° filtration system consists of a fine mesh prefilter and a highly active long-life True HEPA filter.  The round shape of the filter allows it to capture widely spaced pollutants and distribute the purified air optimally throughout the room. 

IDEAL AP140 PRO air purifier traps both small and large particles, as well as gases and molecules.  The multilayer 360° filter design makes the AP140 PRO's filtration technology particularly useful as it captures particles with a size of 0.1 to 0.3 microns.  These particles are the most difficult to remove.

Offers exceptional removal of most harmful airborne particles as small as 0.1 micron

IDEAL AP140 PRO Commercial Air Purifier Particle Removal Chart - Aerify

  • 100% removal of PM10

PM10 are coarse particles equal to or lesser than 10 microns.  These include dust and smoke stirred up by vehicles on roads, pollen grains, mould spores, plant and insect parts, agricultural processes and evaporation of sea spray near coasts. 

  • 100% removal of PM2.5

PM2.5 are fine particles smaller than 2.5 microns and can only be seen with an electron microscope.  Being very small in size, they can bypass the nose and throat and penetrate deep into the lungs, and some may even enter the circulatory system.  PM2.5 particles are formed mainly from all types of combustion, including motor vehicles and power plants, forest fires and some industrial processes. 

  • 100% removal of most penetrating particles

PM0.1 are ultrafine particles between 0.1 and 1 microns in diameter and can remain in the atmosphere for days or even weeks.  The ultrafine particles are emitted into the air from sources such as road traffic and coal combustion and also formed from chemical reactions in the atmosphere.

The list below gives you an indication of the pollutants that AP140 PRO can remove:

  • Particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5 and smaller)

  • Fine dust and dust mites, pet dander, pollen and mould spores

  • Pathogens such as viruses and bacteria 

  • Exhaust fumes (including NO2)

  • Cigarette smoke and unpleasant odours (Optional active carbon inlay required)

  • Chemical vapours (Formaldehyde, Toluol, n-Butane, VOCs) (Optional active carbon inlay required)

Provides a very high airflow rate for the best possible indoor air quality 

IDEAL AP140 PRO air purifier can achieve a high airflow rate of 1400 m³/h in the "turbo mode" through some smart design implementations.  Thanks to the large inlet and outlet openings, the air can be sucked in and blown out again almost unrestricted.  

Low energy use and the long-lasting filter ensure minimal running costs

For optimum results, an air cleaning system should run continuously as when the machine is turned off the indoor air pollution returns to its original state.  If operated consistently, conventional indoor air purifiers can consume up to 550 kWh of power each year. 

In contrast, IDEAL AP140 PRO uses the GreenTech EC motor that achieves up to 50% lower energy consumption compared with AC solutions and, besides, it is ultra silent.  The air purifier can be left turned on in "automatic mode", which continually monitors the air quality in the room and adjusts the AP140 PRO's performance in line with that quality.

The air purifier will alert you when it is time to replace the filter.  On average, depending on the operating environment, the life expectancy of the multilayer filter is 12 months.

Optional filter inlay containing 750 g of active carbon helps efficiently remove unwanted odours, smells and VOCs 

In addition to the included 360° True HEPA particulate filter, a high-quality active carbon inlay is available as an optional extra.  This filter inlay is effective against chemical vapours, chemical toxins and bad odours.  

Built-in fine dust, VOC odour and daylight sensors for real-time indoor air pollution monitoring

The current air quality in the room is indicated by the traffic light colour code using the LED light displayed on the control panel.  The air purifier continuously monitors the indoor air quality using the smart fine dust and VOC odour sensor. It automatically controls the power to improve the air in your working environment.  

The built-in daylight sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the device to match the ambient light in the office. 

The industry-leading whisper-quiet operation for undisturbed work

AP140 PRO commercial air purifier is one of the quietest in the industry, operating at a noise level of as low as 25.2 dB(A) in "night mode" thanks to the aerodynamic single piece fan design and the GreenTech EC motor.  AP140 PRO air purifier is ideal for minimising noise pollution in industrial and commercial environments.

Simple to use, quick to set up and easy to maintain in-house

The easy touch control panel allows you to operate the air purifier intuitively and comfortably.  Have all the controls right in front of you, turn the unit on or off, switch on automatic or manual mode, change up to five fan speeds or turn on the night mode using the buttons on the panel. 

WiFi and smartphone app connectivity for seamless operation

Connect AP140 PRO to WiFi and enable further control of your air purification device with the downloadable app "IDEAL AIR PRO" available on Google Play and the Apple store.  Enable the timer or child lock functions, check the filter's status or customise the automatic mode in the user-friendly app. 

Magnetic remote control for practical storage

Easily control AP140 PRO via the ergonomic magnetic remote control.  Select fan speeds, toggle operating modes, set the switch-on/off timers, turn on/off or lock the air purifier, all with the touch of a button.

Contemporary design that is sure to add a touch of style to your professional environment 

The PRO line of air purifiers from the German IDEAL Health uses high-quality materials and internal components, creating modern and functional products that fit perfectly into any professional environment. 

IDEAL AP140 PRO Commercial Air Purifier Warehouse - Aerify

Responsibly made in Germany

IDEAL AP140 PRO professional air purifier is made in Balingen, Germany by the IDEAL - the company that has been developing and manufacturing products at their headquarters at the foot of the Swabian Alps for over 65 years. The company orders 90% of their materials from suppliers in the region with no single part coming from more than 150 miles away.

Expert opinion

Air purifier expert's opinion - Aerify

"AP140 PRO from IDEAL Health is a fantastic air purification machine for professional office environments and large living spaces. It combines a classic tower design with outstanding air filtration results thanks to the multilayer True HEPA filtration system. It's excellent for preventing colds and flu spreading as well as reducing particulate matter, viruses, allergens and bacteria.

AP140 PRO is a top-quality professional air purifier from a reputable German company, is packed with useful features and is the natural option for large spaces and office environments." 




Recommended Room Sizes (based on the Department of Health recommended air change rates per hour (ACH)):

2.5 x ACH (Domestic & Office)

6 x ACH (Hospital Ward)

12 x ACH (Operating Theatre)

Assuming a ceiling height of 2.4 m with the unit running at full power:

Up to 233 m2

Up to 97 m2

Up to 48 m2

Particle CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) 1400 m3/h (824 CFM)
HEPA Filter Grade True HEPA (H13)
Noise Level  25.2 - 60.3 dB(A)
Rated Voltage 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 7 - 170 W
360° Multilayer Filter Lifespan 12 months
Active Carbon Weight (Optional) 750 g
Fan Speed Levels 5
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm 72.5 x 56.2 x 63.3 
Weight (kg) 51
Manufacturer's Guarantee 24 months


What's Included 

1 x IDEAL AP140 PRO air purifier with filter cartridge

1 x Power cable

1 x Remote control

1 x Operating instructions



How often do I need to replace the multilayer True HEPA filter?

The multilayer filter should be replaced when the usage time has reached a total of 12 months.  The air purifier will automatically inform you when it is time to replace the filter. 

It is a good practice to check the filter once per month and clean it using a vacuum cleaner if necessary.  

What is the guarantee on the AP140 PRO air purifier?

The guarantee is 24 months and is given by the manufacturer - IDEAL.


Download the instruction manual for the IDEAL AP140 PRO room air purifier here.

Discover how IDEAL AP140 PRO can help you and your business:

Catering trade

More seriously, harmful substances and pathogens can impair the ambient air in restaurants – and therefore also negatively impact the wellbeing and health of patrons and employees.

Hair salons

Hair particles, (fine) dust, chemicals from hairsprays and hair dyes, allergens, viruses and bacteria, fungus and mould spores due to high humidity ... the ambient air in the hair salon can be contaminated with all manner of pollutants. This is a concern for the health of the customers and even more so for the employees, who spend the whole day in the salon.

Day nurseries

The ambient air frequently exposes children and their carers to harmful pollutants – often without their knowledge. Particulate matter, exhaust fumes and allergens that come in through the windows, as well as vapours seeping out from building materials, furniture, paint and cleaning materials can damage health and wellbeing. Germs, viruses and bacteria also spread very quickly in care facilities.


Particulate matter from the street, harmful pollutants from electronic devices or viruses and bacteria from sick colleagues: The ambient air in offices can be contaminated in numerous ways. And we're not just talking about bad atmosphere – harmful pollutants affect health, wellbeing and productivity.


In a place where many people sweat at the same time, more oxygen is used and it's not long before unpleasant odours spread around the training and changing room areas. In addition, dust, harmful pollutants, allergens, viruses and bacteria contaminate the ambient air. This soon tests the limits of even the best ventilation system – and, in the worst-case scenario, can cause illness.


The ambient air frequently exposes students and teachers to harmful pollutants - often without their knowledge. Particulate matter, exhaust fumes and allergens that come in through the windows, as well as vapours seeping out from building materials, furniture, paint and cleaning materials can negatively impact concentration and performance and also damage health. Germs, viruses and bacteria also spread very quickly in schools.


IDEAL AP140 PRO 360° HEPA Multi-layer Replacement Filter - Aerify

IDEAL AP140 PRO 360° HEPA Multi-layer Replacement Filter 

The 360° multilayer replacement filter for IDEAL AP140 PRO room air purifier combines a fine mesh prefilter and a long-life True HEPA filter. The round shape of the filter allows it to capture widely spaced pollutants and distribute the purified air optimally throughout the office space. 

IDEAL AP140 PRO Air Purifier Active Carbon Inlay - Aerify

IDEAL AP140 PRO Air Purifier Active Carbon Inlay

The active carbon inlay for the professional IDEAL AP140 PRO room air purifier is effective against chemical vapours, chemical toxins and odours. It can be easily integrated into the 360° particulate filter of the AP140 PRO.

IDEAL AS10 Indoor Air Quality Monitor - Aerify

IDEAL AS10 Indoor Air Quality Monitor

If you need a way of analysing the quality of air in your home before you can take action to improve it, then the AS10 from the German manufacturer IDEAL Health could be just what you are looking for.  The indoor air quality monitor IDEAL AS10 uses smart sensors to find out precisely what is in the air you are breathing, compares it to the air outside and provides you with push notifications with recommended actions.

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