Blueair Blue 3410 Air Purifier

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  See Blue 3410 in action:

Say hello to the new Blueair Blue 3410 air purifier - the proud recipient of the "Good Housekeeping Institute" seal of approval. Coming with the "Energy Star" certification for energy efficiency, this attractive air purifier is ready to improve your well-being day and night. 

  Excellent choice for:

  • Shoppers with rooms up to 51 m2

  • People living with asthma and/or allergies.

  • Pet owners.

  • Those who live near busy roads.

  • Customers who want to eliminate light household odours from pets, cooking, and smoking.

  • Customers who want to get rid of harmful VOCs. 

  • Parents of young children. 

  • Light sleepers. 

  • Buyers who intend to use the device in multiple rooms.

  • Buyers who seek an appliance with globally recognised certifications.

  • Anyone who wants colour options.

  Why we love it:

  • The HEPASilent™ technology kills 99.97% of airborne pollutants down to 0.1 microns.

  • The layer of activated coconut carbon absorbs light gases, VOCs, smog, chemicals, and household odours from pets, smoke, and cooking.

  • 360° air intake so you can place it anywhere without losing performance.
  • Produces a uniquely high clean air delivery rate (CADR) for more clean air at lower fan speeds.

  • "Energy Star" rated for best in class energy efficiency (3-35W). 

  • Certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).

  • Multiple fabric pre-filter options allow you to change colour in seconds. 

  • Compact and light (only 3.1 kg) for easy moving around the house.

  • The filter is recyclable, so the only thing you're adding back into the environment is clean air.

  • The recipient of the "Good Housekeeping Institute" seal of approval

  • Change the filter every 6 months depending on your environment.

  Reviewed by our team:

Air purifier expert's opinion - Aerify

"The Blueair Blue 3410 is such a simple device to use! It's also very quiet so you barely notice when it is on. The HEPASilent™ filtration technology takes care of everything that's not supposed to be in the air we breathe." - David, customer support.

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More Info

The Blueair Blue 3410 - designed to deliver clean air at the touch of a button

The Blueair Blue 3410 is a simple-to-use air purifier that effectively lowers the levels of harmful particles and maintains a comfortable environment in medium rooms up to 51 m2 

The Blue 3410 is a great purification option as it effectively removes over 99% of particles like dust, pollen, mould and pet dander that can cause and exacerbate allergies. 

HEPASilent™ technology efficiently takes care of airborne pollutants 

The patent-pending HEPASilent™ technology is Blueair's most advanced filtration technology ever.  It combines two time-tested filtration technologies - electrostatic charging and mechanical to remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns, trapping even the smallest viruses and microplastics besides dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria and smoke.

Airborne particles receive an electrical charge that makes them ‘sticky’ – so instead of simply passing through, smaller particles stick to the combination particle + carbon filter. The fabric pre-filter catches larger particles.  

3 stage filtration delivers superior performance

The fabric pre-filter offers the first layer of protection, catching large particles such as dust and hair and also extending the life of the main filter. 

The particle filter layer minimises the airborne particles that can trigger allergy symptoms, including pollen, dust, mould spores, pet dander, viruses, bacteria, and fine smoke particles.

The layer of activated coconut carbon absorbs light gases, including volatile organic compounds (VOC), smog, chemicals, and unwanted household odours from pets, smoke, and cooking.

Customisable nature-inspired fabric pre-filters with 5 colour options

You can easily adapt the Blueair Blue 3410 to your space with a selection of 5 premium fabric pre-filters inspired by the natural landscapes of Scandinavia. The air purifier comes with a pre-filter in the "Arctic Trail" (Dark Grey) colour option.

A hidden velcro panel in the fabric pre-filter holds the power cable, keeping it close to the body of the air purifier and out of sight.

You can simply vacuum the fabric or toss it in the washing machine whenever it needs cleaning. 

Certified by AHAM to provide you with the highest levels of allergy prevention

AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) certified the Blueair Blue 3410 to ensure that you are using an air purifier that can genuinely improve your indoor air quality and make a real difference in your life.  

"Energy Star" certified for the best-in-class energy efficiency 

Because the HEPASilent™ technology uses a less dense filter, it requires less air pressure to push air through. This allows the Blueair air purifier to produce more clean air at lower fan speeds, which also makes it less noisy and less energy-consuming.   

The Blue 3410 is "Energy Star" certified, offering 40% better energy efficiency than standard models, meaning you can run your air purifier 24 hours a day without breaking the bank.

Uniquely high clean air delivery rate for improved ventilation and cleaner air

The HEPASilent™ technology provides a higher particle Clean Air Delivery Rate (pCADR) than conventional methods of only mechanical filtration. This enables the air purifier to filter the air at the rate recommended by the industry of 4.8x per hour (or about every 12,5 minutes) in a room up to 36 m².

Large 360° air intake for easy placement almost anywhere

Unlike some air purifiers with strict rules for placement, the Blue 3410 uses a large 360-degree air intake, meaning you can place it almost anywhere in the room without compromising performance.  

"Auto" mode and integrated particle sensor for seamless operation and real-time air quality monitoring

When the "auto" mode is on, the air purifier automatically controls the airflow based on air quality information from the integrated fine particles (PM2.5) sensor.

Stay up to date on the status of your indoor air with the LED air quality indicator (AQI). The display changes colour to show good, moderate or poor based on the current concentration of fine particles measured by the sensor.

Forget about constantly adjusting settings and knobs - a single button on the top of the air purifier controls it all and lets you know when it's time to replace the combination filter. 

Recipient of the "Good Housekeeping Institute" seal of approval

The Blueair Blue 3410 is one of the most stylishly designed and colourful appliances in our catalogue. The nature-inspired colours of the fabric pre-filters create a bold and modern look that makes this stylish air purifier the centre of attention in any room.

Blueair Blue 3410 Air Purifier With Combination Filter In Living Room - Aerify

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Model Blue 3410
Maximum Recommended Room Size (GB 18801-2015 Standard) 51 m2
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

Pollen - 415 m3/h (244 CFM)

Dust - 425 m3/h (250 CFM)

Smoke - 425 m3/h (250 CFM)

Combination Filter Grade HEPASilent™ removes at least 99.97% of particles sized 0.1 micron
Filtration Stages 3
Particle Sensor Yes
Gas Sensor No
Temperature Sensor No
Relative Humidity Sensor No
Filter Replacement Indicator Yes
Noise Level 23 - 53 dB(A) 
Rated Voltage 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 3 - 36 W
Combination Filter Lifespan 6 months
Fan Speed Levels 3
Wi-Fi Connectivity No
On/Off Timer No
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm 52.0 x 26.0 x 26.0
Weight (kg) 3.1
Manufacturer's Guarantee 12 months



1 x Blueair Blue 3410 air purifier with particle + carbon filter

1 x Machine-washable fabric pre-filter in "Arctic Trail" (Dark Grey)

1 x User manual


  Blueair Blue 3410 instruction manual

  Blueair performance book


Blueair Blue 3410 Air Purifier Replacement Filter Particle + Carbon Protection - Aerify

Blueair Blue 3410 Air Purifier Replacement Filter

The particle filter layer minimises the airborne particles that can trigger allergy symptoms, including pollen, dust, mould spores, pet dander, viruses, bacteria, and fine smoke particles. The layer of activated coconut carbon absorbs light gases, including volatile organic compounds (VOC), smog, chemicals, and unwanted household odours from pets, smoke, and cooking.


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  • How often do I need to clean the pre-filter?

    It's a good practice to clean the pre-filter once every 14 days.

  • How often do I need to replace the combination filter?

    To maintain optimum performance, Blueair recommends changing the filter about once every 6-months when used 24 hours a day. The built-in LED warning system glows red when it's time to change the filter. Occasionally vacuum the inside and outside of the main filter to remove any dust. 

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