Stadler Form Robert Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier 13.2L/Day

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Stadler Form Robert hybrid humidifier and air purifier - the multi-award winner that creates the optimum environment all year round

Robert from Stadler Form is an exceptional hybrid device that is designed to help people suffering from allergies by removing harmful fine particles such as pollen from the air and by killing airborne bacteria.  Robert also gets rid of more than 94% of smells within 30 - 40 minutes.

With the humidity output of 550 g/h, it efficiently humidifies and purifies the indoor air in medium-sized offices, households, nail salons and medical facilities up to 80 m2 (860 sq. ft).

The highly effective humidification process of Robert air washer can help prevent dry skin, scratchy throats and red eyes, reduce the risk of allergies and create a pleasant climate for animals, plants, wood furniture and musical instruments, especially during dry winter months.

The specially developed hybrid system designed to improve your well-being day and night

Robert takes in polluted and dry indoor air and cleans it using a set of revolving and washable disks that turn in the water to humidify and purify the air greatly reducing the number of allergens in the room. 

The included Water Cube™ provides optimal hygiene in the appliance and improves the overall humidification process.  It keeps Robert running smoothly, extending his lifespan. The Water Cube™ even works when your appliance is switched off, so the humidifier stays fresh all season long.  

The smartly designed hybrid Stadler Form Robert effectively removes:

  • Pollen and fine particles

  • Dust and pet dander

  • Hair and dust mites

The whisper-quiet operation creates an environment for a good night's sleep 

The Swiss-made Robert features a super-efficient electric fan that allows the hybrid air purifier and humidifier to work quietly in the background pulling in the polluted air all around without distracting you from your activities.  

You won't need to choose between a good night's sleep and clean air.  Robert's lowest noise level is only 27 dB(A), it won't interrupt your sleep as you almost won't notice any sound when using this setting.

    Energy-saving technology ensures low running costs

    For optimum results, an air cleaning system should run continuously as when you turn the machine off the indoor air pollution returns to its original state.  The power consumption is a thing to consider because if operated continuously, conventional indoor air purifiers and humidifiers can consume up to 550 kWh of power each year. 

    Robert humidifier and air purifier has a rated power of only 30 watts and consumes only 7 watts on the lowest settings, which is super impressive for such a high-end hybrid device.

    The 6.3-litre water tank makes Robert an excellent choice for medium-sized rooms

    A long operating time is ensured, thanks to the good size tank that can hold 6.3 litres of water.  

    Built-in relative humidity sensor provides a clear indication of the air humidity in the room

    The current relative humidity in the room is continuously monitored by Robert's built-in humidity sensor.  The hybrid device provides you with feedback on the touch display with a motion sensor.  

    Built-in fragrance container to achieve the serenity of a spa in your own home

    Robert features a fragrance container for adding your favourite scents in the form of essential oils to make your home or workspace smell amazing. 

    Simply remove the water tank and pull the fragrance container out of the appliance.  Add a maximum of 1–2 drops of fragrance into the fragrance container and within minutes your house or workplace will smell like an authentic spa! 

    Designed for convenient and fully automated operation 

    Robert humidifier and air purifier has been designed with convenience and simplicity in mind.  With many useful functions, this hybrid device lets you enjoy clean indoor air on autopilot.  Robert can be activated with an elegant movement of your hand or operated by a gentle touch of the buttons and can be left running all day and night. 

    Robert is equipped with 3 different pre-programmed modes:

    "Auto Mode": Robert automatically maintains the air humidity level at 45%.  The lower the current air humidity level is, the higher the speed level of the fan will automatically be set. 

    "Night Mode": The display illumination is reduced to a minimum and the fan speed is set on level 1. The desired air humidity level and the fan speed can be adjusted manually. 

    "Clean Mode":  This mode is used to clean and descale the appliance.  Here the evaporator discs rotate but the fan does not run.  Thus no air is blown into the room.  

    Elegantly designed in Switzerland, Stadler Form Robert is sure to add a touch of style to your home or office interior

    In addition to being an excellent and powerful air improver that can effectively remove harmful airborne pollutants and create an optimal indoor environment for you and your family, the elegant and straightforward design of Robert fits in any room.  The winner of the Reddot award (2014), iF product design award (2014) and German design award (2016) Robert, is sure to fit in seamlessly with any home or office interior.  

    Stadler Form Robert Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier Silver In Living Room - Aerify

     Expert opinion

    Air purifier expert's opinion - Aerify

    "Robert is full of great features, easy to use, energy-efficient and very quiet in operation.  It's an easy to handle appliance that looks great in any room. 

    If you are looking for a quiet air washer with minimal power consumption to greatly improve the air quality and humidity in your house then Robert from Stadler Form could be just the right device for you."




      Model  Robert
      Recommended Room Area For Air Purification Up to 29 m² 
      Recommended Room Area For Humidification Up to 80 m² 
      Humidity Output Rate Up to 550 g/h 
      Water Tank Capacity  6.3 litres
      Noise Level  27 - 56 dB(A) 
      Rated Voltage 220 - 240 V, 50 Hz
      Power Consumption 7 - 30 W
      Dimensions (H x W x D) cm 47.1 x 32.1 x 23.5
      Weight (Empty) 8.2 kg 
      Manufacturer's Guarantee 24 months


      What's Included 

      1 x Stadler Form Robert hybrid air purifier and humidifier 

      1 x Water Cube™

      1 x Operating instructions



      What filters/replacement parts do I need to replace to ensure proper equipment function?

      To keep Robert functioning at its best, you should clean and descale it at regular intervals.  Also, Water Cube™ must be replaced at the right intervals. 

      Clean the water tray, evaporator discs and the water tank thoroughly every 2 weeks with a soft brush or sponge and warm water.

      Descale the evaporator discs approximately every 4 weeks, depending on the water hardness level. 

      The Water Cube™ by Stadler Form provides optimal hygiene in your air humidifier. We recommend replacing the Water Cube at the start of the humidifier season.

      The optional anti-calc cartridge decreases the limescale in the water and thus reduces the decalcification intervals.  The cartridge has to be replaced every one to three months, depending on the water hardness.  

      What is the guarantee on Robert hybrid humidifier and air purifier?

      The guarantee is 24 months and is given by the manufacturer - Stadler Form.


      Download the instruction manual for Robert hybrid humidifier and air purifier here.

      Download the datasheet for Robert hybrid humidifier and air purifier here.




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