Airocide APS-300 Air Purifier Steriliser

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  See Airocide APS-300 in action:

Airocide® APS-300 is completely unique product, unlike anything else in the marketplace. It generates clean air without dangerous emissions, using a safe and efficacious process called Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO), which was developed for NASA for use on the Internation Space Station. 

Airocide® does not filter, but destroys 99.99997% of airborne pathogens regardless of their size, including viruses, bacteria, moulds, allergens, mycotoxins, ethylene, anthrax, and VOC gases. 

Airocide® offers you air purification that actually works. Proof of its effectiveness has been validated by many peer-reviewed clinical studies, independent laboratory tests and some of the toughest real-world environments such as childcare and prison facilities, hospital operating rooms, clinics, dental offices and other medical facilities in the Americas and Europe.

With Airocide® in place, you can protect families, employees, products, customers, and yourself from harmful airborne pathogens and particulates that can cause illness, including asthma and allergies and enjoy safe, crisp and clean air.

  Excellent choice for:

  • Shoppers with rooms up to 40 m2.

  • Corporate businesses that want to improve the safety of staff, visitors, and customers.

  • Industrial businesses that want to extend the shelf life of flowers, fruits and vegetables.

  • Health centres, dental and pet clinics, fitness rooms, yoga studios and gyms.

  • Those who seek protection from airborne viruses, fungi, bacteria and mycotoxins.

  • Customers who want to get rid of harmful VOCs. 

  • Shoppers who look for a generous guarantee from the manufacturer.

  Why we love it:

  • The only air sterilisation technology developed for NASA that has been proven and tested over the last 12 years in space and bio-sensitive environments in the US.

  • Clinically proven to destroy 99.99997% of airborne pathogens on contact including bacteria, mould, fungi, mycotoxins, viruses, anthrax, antibiotic and biocide resistant “super-bugs”.

  • Removes VOC gases such as aerosol sprays, cleaners, disinfectants, hobby supplies, dry-cleaned clothes, building materials, paints, thinners, pesticides and air fresheners, ethylene, and various aldehydes.

  • Pasteur Institute's study shows effectiveness against SARS CoV-2.

  • Installed in many of the top 10 universities in the UK and in multiple locations throughout the NHS. All conducted successful trials of the Airocide® prior to installation.

  • Proven to extend the shelf life of produce, flowers, and grains.

  • Produces no ozone emissions or other harmful by-products

  • Approved by the FDA as a Class II medical device.

  • Optional wall mount gives you the flexibility of placement.

  • Plug-and-play installation and low maintenance.

  • Sustainably made and energy-efficient. 

  • Gold Edison Award winner.

  • Replaceable reaction chambers last approximately 18 months. 

  • No additional purchase costs and always free shipping. 

  Reviewed by our team:

Air Purifier Expert's Opinion - Aerify"The APS-300 is perfect for home environments with large and busy rooms. Its bigger reaction chamber provides 25% more air purification capacity compared to the APS-200 PM2.5. Airocide® is the only air purifier developed for NASA that is proven and tested over the last 12 years in many studies subscribing to the scientific method. Many of the top 10 universities in the UK and multiple locations throughout the NHS installed Airocide® after the completion of successful trials. It is a world-class air purification system that can help you reduce the risk of infection and attack by viruses, bacteria and other pollutants. It also deals with VOCs, and extends the shelf life of perishables." - David, customer support.

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More Info

Patented technology developed for NASA

The Airocide® APS-300 is based on technology that was developed for NASA. It uses a patented Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) process to eliminate fungi, viruses, mould, bacteria and other pathogens at the molecular level. Airocide® will not reintroduce contaminants into the room atmosphere because it doesn’t trap pathogens, it eliminates them. How does it do it without the use of filters?

A powerful fan draws in polluted air through a closed reaction chamber. In this chamber, under the action of the titanium dioxide catalyst and UV light, water molecules present in the air convert into highly active free radicals. These are not dangerous as they stay in closed reaction chambers. These free radicals destroy all organic contaminants, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs at the molecular level. As a result, no contaminants remain in the air. What comes out of the machine is just clean air with no ozone emissions. 

Airocide APS-200 PM2.5 Air Purifier Steriliser Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) Technology - Aerify

This process kills fungi, viruses, mould, bacteria and other pathogens at the molecular level. Airocide® also cleans the air from almost 100% of volatile organic compounds (VOC gases) such as aerosol sprays, cleaners, disinfectants, hobby supplies, dry-cleaned clothes, building materials, paints, thinners, pesticides and air fresheners.

It does not trap airborne pathogens, it eliminates 99.99997% of them

Although HEPA filters are effective, they cannot remove the smallest size of organic contaminants and pathogens from the air and they become contaminated. In contrast, Airocide® works with low airflow and high purification technology with no need for a saturated filter to squeeze through and clean the air. As a result, it does not reintroduce contaminants back into the room because it doesn’t trap pathogens; it eliminates them. Airocide® sanitises the air in any environment with a microbiological elimination rate of 99.99997%, and the slower the air moves, the cleaner it gets.

Airocide® took the technology to some of the toughest real-world environments that contain excessively high regeneration rates, such as operating rooms, child care facilities, and doctors’ offices. Airocide® technology proved to greatly reduce bacteria and mould counts.

Surgery - Average results 73% reduction in bacteria and mould

Office – Average results 72% reduction in bacteria and mould

Households – Average results 75% reduction in bacteria and mould

Childcare Center – Average results 60% reduction in bacteria and mould

Dental Private Practices – Average results 81% reduction in bacteria and mould 

Approved by the FDA as a Class II medical device

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certified Airocide® as a Class II medical device, which means it is approved for medical facilities, healthcare, and critical care environments. Additionally, Airocide® technology produces no harmful by-products, such as ozone. A clinical study conducted at the State of Wisconsin Hygiene Laboratory verified this.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) also certified Airocide®, meaning that it complies with the Federal Ozone Emissions limit.

Plug-and-play installation, automatic mode and seamless maintenance

For optimal benefits, run Airocide® 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply place Airocide® in your desired location either horizontally or vertically, plug it in, turn it on, and watch it fill your indoor space with clean and healthy air.

The automatic setting runs the fan at high speed for optimal results and then transitions to low for a slower, quieter speed. As a great addition, Airocide® included a light sensor within the unit, so as the room darkens it drops the fan speed to low and when enough light is present in the room, it adjusts to high.

When the indicator light starts blinking, you’ll need to change the two reaction chambers inside your unit typically every 18 months.

Trusted by the NHS and laboratories in top universities in the UK

There are over 150 Airocide® units installed in laboratories of some of the top 10 universities in the UK including Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, the University of Manchester, Cardiff University, University of Sussex, University of Dundee, the University of Edinburg, and the Open University. All these establishments conducted successful trials of Airocide® prior to installation. All units are still working in these locations today after many years of service.

The NHS installed Airocide® products in multiple critical and high-risk locations.

Many big brands such as Del Monte, Whole Foods, and DiMare Fresh trust Airocide® technology to clean the indoor air, extend the shelf life of products and reduce wastage. 

Award-winning design

You will certainly get a lot of positive feedback from everyone on the aesthetically pleasing design of Airocide®. It looks like a high-end speaker that looks good in any environment. Thanks to its unconventional design and functionality, Edison Awards honoured Airocide® as a gold winner for Excellence in Design and Innovation. Also, GQ Magazine named Airocide® as the publication's favourite air purifier.


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Model APS-300
Maximum Recommended Room Size  40 m2
Cleaning Capacity 23 m3/h (13.5 CFM)
Voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power Consumption 40 - 60 W
Noise Level  41 dB(A)
Reaction Chamber Lifetime 18 months
Fan Speed Levels 3
Auto Mode Yes
Sleep Mode Yes
Manual Speed Mode Yes
Reaction Chamber Life Reminder Yes
Dimensions (cm)  47.5 x 17.5 x 15.2 (HDW) 
Weight (kg) 4.08
Manufacturer's Guarantee 3 years



  APS-300 instruction manual

  Airocide® scientific proof and clinical peer-review studies brochure 


Airocide APS-200 PM2.5 Air Purifier Steriliser Replacement Reaction Chamber Set - Aerify

Airocide APS-300 Replacement Reaction Chamber Set

The two Airocide® reaction chambers are at the heart of the APS-300 air steriliser. They do not filter, but destroy 99.99997% of airborne pathogens regardless of their size, including viruses, bacteria, moulds, allergens, mycotoxins, ethylene, anthrax, and VOC gases.

Simply replace the reaction chambers when the indicator light starts blinking approximately every 18 months. For extreme environments, Airocide® recommends replacing the reaction chambers every six months.

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  • Does the product have a warranty?

    Airocide comes with a 3-year limited warranty. Please register your product at You will need your serial number to register. This number can be found on the side panel of the shipping carton, the bottom of the product carton and on the back of your unit next to the power cord.

  • I heard a rattling sound when I took my Airocide out of the box. Is it broken?

    No. This is the sound of the inner pieces simply shifting. This is normal and nothing is wrong with your product.

  • Do all sides need to be in the flow of air?

    No. To be effective the top, front and two sides of the unit need to be in the flow of air.

  • My Airocide feels warm to touch on one side.

    This is normal. The unit is drawing in power from that side.

  • Can I have my windows open?

    Airocide will work with windows open or closed but is most effective with the windows closed. If you are an allergy or asthma sufferer, however, experts recommend keeping windows closed.

  • What types of allergens, pathogens and contaminants can the Airocide air purifier remove from the air?

    The patented bioconversion process kills fungi, viruses, mould, bacteria and other pathogens at the molecular level. Airocide also cleans the air almost 100% of volatile organic compounds (VOC gases) such as aerosol sprays, cleaners, disinfectants, hobby supplies, dry-cleaned clothes, building materials, paints, thinners, pesticides and air fresheners.

  • Does the Airocide air purifier use and emit ozone during operation?

    No. Airocide does not use or emit ozone during its operation.

  • How is Airocide different from other air purifiers?

    Airocide is based on advanced technology that does not use filters to clean the air. It draws in the air along with the pathogens and impurities it contains and passes it through its closed reaction chamber. In the reaction chamber, under the action of the titanium dioxide catalyst and UV light, the water molecules of the water vapour naturally present in the air are converted into highly active free radicals. These, of course, cannot escape from the closed reaction chambers, so they are not dangerous to us either. These free radicals destroy all organic contaminants, bacteria, viruses, VOCs at the molecular level. No contaminants remain in the air. What comes out of the device is just clean air with zero ozone emissions without the use of filters.

  • What maintenance does the Airocide APS-300 air purifier need?

    The only maintenance required for the device is the replacement of the reaction chambers. In case of continuous operation, it is necessary to do this about every 15 months. The replacement is indicated by the indicator light on the device: when it lights up, the reaction chambers must be replaced.

  • Is the odour emitted by the appliance normal after the first switch on? How long does it take?

    You may sense a slight smell the first time you turn the unit on. This is normal and is caused by the first heating of the UV lamps. This phenomenon will completely disappear within a few days.

  • What does the “auto” button on the device mean?

    In this mode, the device automatically switches between low and high modes. The alternation is controlled by a light sensor: at night it sets the unit to a quieter “low” operating mode to ensure the most restful snooze, while during the day it sets it to a higher efficiency mode for the highest air cleaning efficiency.

  • Can Airocide APS-300 remove airborne animal hair (dog, cat, etc.)?

    No, only the APS-200 PM2.5 can remove airborne animal hair. 

  • How many fans work in Airocide?

    The Airocide has an internal fan. Using an aerodynamic regularity (the “Coanda effect”), the fan draws in air through an opening in the front of the unit, which accelerates through the two reaction chambers and then exits through the rear central outlet of the unit. With this accelerated movement, clean air can flow through the room using the least amount of energy.

  • How loud is Airocide during operation?

    It’s subjective, it also depends on whether you’re talking about a person who sleeps easily or hard, but for most people, operating noise isn’t a problem, which is about as much as the noise of an average fan in low gear.

  • What placement of Airocide is recommended to achieve the optimal air cleaning effect?

    First of all, we recommend placing the Airocide in the bedroom, as we spend almost most of the time there. For optimal results, place the device at a height of 120-180 cm from the floor. Don’t put it in a small enclosed space like the shelf of a bookshelf.

  • Where can I find the serial number of Airocide?

    The serial number can be found on the side of the carton and the back of the device next to the power cord.

  • Does the front grille of the appliance require special care or cleaning?

    It is worth dusting the appliance from time to time like any other fixture in your home, but it does not require special treatment. If liquid accidentally spills on the outside of the Airocide, wipe it off with a clean cloth.

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