Air purifiers for smoke and odours, 11-20 m2 room, Carbon filter, CADR rating 200-399 m3/h

  • To remove cigarette smoke, unpleasant odours or heavily contaminated air you should use an air purifier that is powerful enough to drag all of the air in the room through the filters around 8 times an hour (ACH) for it to be genuinely effective.  To get around 8 air changes per hour in your room measuring between 11 and 20 m2  you need an air purifier with a clean air delivery rate (CADR) in the range of 200-399 m3/h.
  • To effectively remove harmful gases, smoke, unpleasant household odours and volatile organic compounds (VOC's) an air purifier should have a good quality activated charcoal filter.

Below is the selection of suitable air purifiers tailored to meet your needs and sorted by price in ascending order.