Air purifiers and air ionisers for viruses and bacteria, 31-40 m2 room, CADR rating 500-599 m3/h, night mode

  • To remove viruses and bacteria you should use an air purifier that is powerful enough to drag all of the air in the room through the filters a minimum of 6 times an hour (ACH) for it to be genuinely effective.  To get around 6 air changes per hour in your room measuring between 31 and 40 m2  you need an air purifier with a clean air delivery rate (CADR) in the range of 500-599 m3/h.
  • For a bedroom or baby room, you may want to use a quieter air purifier that comes with "night" mode.  Air purifiers with "night" mode run quietly in the background allowing you to enjoy clean air while you sleep.  
  • Air ionisers are fanless, use very little electricity, virtually silent, easy to move from room to room, don't create draughts or use filters, except for ones that include a positively charged collector.  
  • Electrostatic air purifiers use a fan to speed things up and have a positively charged replaceable filter that attracts particles.

Below is the selection of suitable air purifiers and air ionisers tailored to meet your needs and sorted by price in ascending order.