Made in Germany. IDEAL Health AP30 PRO home air purifier review

With a wide variety of home air purifiers on the market, the importance of choosing a device from a trustworthy manufacturer can not be overlooked.

German-based company IDEAL is the world's leading manufacturer of paper shredders and office cutting machines and has been producing goods for over 65 years.  When it comes to the quality of their products they leave nothing to chance.  

IDEAL AP30 PRO Room Air Purifier

IDEAL AP30 PRO home air purifier.  Professional air purification guaranteed

If you don't want your allergies to get to you and you need an air purifier that can effectively remove pollutants from indoor air then IDEAL AP30 PRO may be just the device you are looking for.  Due to its cylindrical design and the OptiFlow system, it can capture pollutants located in far corners of the room and optimally distribute cleaned air throughout the entire space. 

AP30 PRO traps both small and large particles, as well as gases and molecules.  It boasts an impressive 100% removal of coarse particles PM10, 99.98% removal of fine and ultra-fine particles PM2.5 and PM0.1. 

These can involve anything from dust and smoke stirred up by vehicles on roads, pollen grains, mould spores, plant and insect parts, agricultural processes to particles that can only be seen with an electron microscope.  Fine and ultra-fine particles are the most dangerous as they can bypass the nose and throat and penetrate deep into the lungs and some may even enter the circulatory system.

The graph below shows the air purifier's impressive removal rate of airborne particles of various sizes. 

 IDEAL Health AP30 PRO Air Purifier Particle Size Chart - Aerify

How does IDEAL AP30 PRO air purifier work?

The air purifier works by drawing in polluted indoor air through the high performance 360° filtration system that consists of a fine mesh pre-filter, a long-life True-HEPA H13 filter and a layer of activated carbon. 

Dust, particulate matter, pollen, dust mites, pathogens such as bacteria, mould spores, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes (including NO2), chemical vapours (formaldehyde, toluene, n-Butane, VOCs) and unpleasant odours get trapped inside the filter.  The round shape of the multilayer filter allows it to capture widely spaced pollutants and distribute purified air optimally through the large outlet opening on top of the unit.  

IDEAL AP30 PRO Home Air Purifier - Aerify

Does it use a lot of electricity?  How much does it cost to run?

You cannot run an air cleaner for a few hours and expect the air in your room to always remain fresh.  An air purifier should run for at least 10 hours a day or for the best results - 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  However, in doing so, conventional indoor air purifiers can consume up to 550 kWh of electricity per year.  Hence the importance of having an energy-efficient home air purification solution cannot be overstated. 

Thanks to the GreenTech EC German-made electric motor and the smart filter system AP30 PRO can achieve up to 50% lower energy consumption compared to AC solutions and, in addition, it is ultra silent.  

Let's estimate the electricity cost for AP30 PRO if we leave it running for a year in the automatic mode.

— 365 days a year (8760 hours in a year)

— 95% of that time running at low speed  (5 W)

— 5% of that time running at higher speed (10 W on average)

Energy cost of £13.14 per year (consumption of 87.6 kWh per year at £0.15 per KWh).

How many air changes per hour can AP30 PRO air purifier do in my room?

The number of air changes per hour depends on the clean air delivery rate (CADR) of an air purifier and the volume of your room where the appliance is located.  AP30 PRO can achieve the clean air delivery rate of up to 301 m3/h. 

To estimate the number of air changes per hour that AP30 PRO will do enter dimensions of your room and the handy calculator below will do the rest for you. 

How quiet is AP30 PRO?  

The technology inside AP30 PRO makes it one of the quietest air purifiers in the industry thanks to the aerodynamic single piece fan design and the GreenTech EC motor.  

It's a whisper-quiet air purifier that has minimum noise pollution running at an impressive 16.7 dB(A) at the lowest fan speed ("night mode").  It is a fantastic device for bedrooms, offices, study and children's rooms.  If you are sensitive to noise pollution this is the air purifier for you.

For comparison, below is the list of noise pollution examples that we may encounter in our daily lives:

  • Normal conversation  - 65 dB(A)
  • Vacuum cleaner - 70 dB(A)
  • Office environment -  50 to 60 dB(A)
  • Bedroom at night - 35 to 40 dB(A)

How often will I need to replace the filter?

The air purifier will alert you when it is time to replace the filter.  On average, depending on the operating environment, the life expectancy of the multilayer filter is 12 months.

Clean air can be beautiful 

In addition to being an excellent air purifier that can effectively remove harmful airborne pollutants and keep your allergies at bay, AP30 PRO is no larger than a small waste paper bin and with the choice of optional colourful filter covers the device is sure to fit in seamlessly with any home or office interior.  

If you fancy a change simply swap out the removable textile cover for the colour of your choice.  

IDEAL AP30 PRO Home Air Purifier Textile Covers - Aerify

What are the additional features of AP30 PRO?

In contrast to other air purifiers with many buttons, displays and switches AP30 PRO features a simple to use "EASY-TOUCH" control panel that allows you to operate the air purifier in an intuitive and comfortable way. 

Have all the controls at your fingertips, turn the unit on or off, switch on automatic or manual mode, change up to five fan speeds or turn on the night mode using only one button on the panel.  

Connect AP30 PRO to WiFi and enable further control of your air purification device with a downloadable app "IDEAL AIR PRO" available on Google Play and Apple store. 

Enable a timer or child lock functions, check the filter's status or customize the automatic mode in the user-friendly app. 

IDEAL AP30 PRO Home Air Purifier Yellow Textile Cover - Aerify Blog

Ready to create a healthier environment in your home?

Check out the product page for IDEAL AP30 PRO air purifier to learn more.  

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